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ENRICH Commodities provides unlimited online commodity India, Commodity discount brokers in India,

Lowest broking in India, best commodity service brokers. Top commodity brokers in India. Best trading platform in India.

Unlimited trading can be done for a fixed low cost model brokerage. Avail this plan and benefit on your savings.

Pay limited and trade unlimited for flat Rs 16 per trade order. This is beneficial for those who trade in huge volumes with higher lots in a single order

Avail the brokerage reversal on day to day trading activities. The brokerage is paid in advance. Low brokerage of Rs.100/Cr for the first time in India.

Inception ;

Enrich Commodities was started in 2008 as a research unit and became a success with its customer-centric approach, transparent business practices and hardcore professionalism. It was incorporated in the year 2013, with the backup of a strong marketing and technical team. Enrich Commodities evolved as a business unit in December 2015. We are head-quartered in Chennai and have established a strong presence in South India.
Enrich Commodities is one of the fastest growing organisation in the Commodity Industry.

Special services;

Exclusive Risk management services for corporate companies, HNI, Retail investors

Our Fundamental and Technical Documents;

Enrich has created the fundamental and technical documentation in the most simplified version with practical implications.
All these documented materials have been created based on research analysis and presented in our website, which is categorised right from beginners to expert levels.

Research Desk
Our Research Team is involved in analysing the previous day market, study the current market scenario and deliver research reports with Challenging predictions and forecasts which are also are posted in our website on a daily basis.
Enrich has dedicated an entire research and analysis section in the website in English and for the first time in regional language Tamil in India with a view to provide daily reports before the market opening. The reports include both fundamental and technical analysis with chart presentations which include patterns, trends, overviews, and economical data.