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We are largest Rashi Ratan (gemstone) sellers in south, India. We buy gemstones from Sri Lanka, Brazil, Bangkok, Madagascar, and Zambia, Colombia directly from the mines shops keepers or wholesalers, so that we are not giving any other commissions to any intermediates and these all benefits pass the cost benefit to our customers, therefore we are able to supply gemstones at very reasonable or affordable prices   compared to any other gem stone dealer, our customer get directly from mines rate or cheaper rates.


1 Ruby: – 850/- 1,700/- 3,400/- per carat

2 Pearl: – 500/- per carat (natural)

3. Coral: – 350/- 700/- 1400/- per carat

4. Emerald: – 750/- 1,500/- 3,000/- per carat

5. Yellow Sapphire :- 3000/- 5000/- 7000/- per carat…starting 1000 Rs Par carat(basic)

6. Diamond: – 650/- 800/- 1000/-Per cent. (1ct=100cent)

7. Blue Sapphire: – 3000/- 5000/- 7000/- per carat…starting 1000 Rs Par carat (basic)

8. Gomed: – 500/- 750/- 1000/- per carat

9, Cat’s eye: – 500/- 800/- 1000/- per carat (Quarts cats eye not real)

We can make ring and pendant with certification with genuine Pooja as per your budget. 

“It`s not what you buy….but it is ..Where you buy and discount for bulk purchasing.


The world’s most unique guarantee…  Wear your Vedic gemstones with confidence and notice quick benefit. You have nothing to lose. Try our Anmol Vedic astrological gemstones. They work!

Our vision is every customer gets original gemstones and genuine certified with gemstone exchange or money back policy (conditions apply*)

NOTE: Please call us before buying…Ph.040-64543666/9666686094



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