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WeRema offers multilayer, thermofomable barrier flexible film for packaging of various medical devices such as syringes, needles and feeding tubes. The film can be sealed to coated or uncoated medical grade paper.

Material: PP/PE Blister film, PA/PE Blister film.


– Usually for packing infusion sets , syringes.

– Blister PP/PE film for packaging and sterilizing of medical and surgical items.

– Suitable for most types of packaging machines. Sealable with coated or uncoated medical grade papers.


To be with heat with medical grade paper with automatic machine.

Sterilization: EO, Gamma-ray, Steam

Brief advantages of WeRema Stretching Blister Film:

– Superior forming characteristics and excellent dimensional stability

– Excellent seal strength and low thermal sealing temperature

– High transparency and good adhesive features

– Excellent moisture resistance

– Puncture resistance

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