Medical Grid Lacquer Coated Paper

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WeRema Medical Lacquer Coated Paper can be classified as hydrosol and hot melt glue. It suitable for steam/autoclave, EO and Gamma sterilization methods.

Material: France Arjo Wiggins adhesive dialysis paper

Chinese Medical adhesive dialysis Paper

Scope of Application:

– Used in automatic online packaging with PE/PP Co-extrusion film for EO sterilization;

– Used in paper/film pouch production with PE/PP Co-extrusion film for EO sterilization;

– Used in heat sealing with PET/PETG/CPP blister pack for EO sterilization.


– The paper can be perfectly pasted with PE Co-extrusion film and peel easily

– Good stability, economical, cost-effective, stable supply

– No poisonous chemical material (benzole, hydrocarbons products) remaining.

– Large amount of glue coating, good versatility, excellent adhesive strength and toughness, not easy to break

– Adopt resin extrusion method to coat the paper without using solvent


WeRema Medical Lacquer Coated Paper strictly comply with EN868-3 and EN868-6 standard.

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