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Dear All,
We, Penguin Aqua Care Pvt. Ltd. introduce ourselves as one among the South India’s reputed co. into RO water purifier systems. We are one of the few companies in the market with complete range products (Domestic/Commercial/Industrial) to cover entire spectrum of water treatment.  This further enables us to offer total water management solutions for industries, homes and communities. All our products stand for quality and the systems are covered under warranty for one year.

We use the Reverse Osmosis technology, which has been proved to be the most effective water purification worldwide. In this process, water under pressure is passed through a membrane with pores as small as 0.0001 microns. Purified water is collected for use in a tank and impurities in water are flushed to drain.The unique feature of the RO technology is its ability to remove all excess total dissolved harmful minerals in water.In addition , it also removes bacteria and viruses like other conventional water purifiers. Not only does this ensure you safe drinking water but it also restores the original taste and quality of water the way nature wanted you to have it.

Now for the business expansion we are looking for channel partners all over Kerala.
We welcome Existing / Fresh Dealers/ Service Franchisee all over Kerala.
Company is not looking for any initial security deposit/investment.

Those who are interested in associating with us, please write to us at with your background and credentials.
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Dewfresh Team