Sterilization reel-tyvek pouches&roll

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KMNPack Tyvek sterilization reels and pouches made of uncoated Tyvek web and transparent multi-layer PET/PP copolymer films decisively determined by the choice of materials. Two water based, non-toxic process indicators for hydrogen peroxide sterilization are imprinted on the Tyvek surface which prevents the instrument from colored and help to differentiate between processed and unprocessed packages. Formaldehyde (FORM) indicator available upon request as well.

Excellent microbial barrier properties against germs, bacteria and moisture;
Extremely high resistance to penetration and fibre-free peeling;
Easy peel and aseptic presentation;
Easy seal with old sealing machines;
Clear and accurate color change.

Company / Business Name Anqing kangmingna packaging co.
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Business Address KangMingNa Industrial Park, Sanyi Road, Daqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone, Anqing City, Anhui Province, China
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