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WeReWa Sterile Surgical Gown, with some of the most advanced SMS fabric available, offer a high level of flexibility, comfort and reliability.

Excellent Barrier Performance
– Fluid resistance: Barrier protection to prevent low to moderate blood strikethrough and fluid contamination;
– Flame resistance: Meets industry standard for low ignition;
– Lint and abrasion resistance: Reduces the risk of wound contamination and related post-operative complications;
Advanced SMS Technology
Using the latest advanced SMS fabric technology, WEREWA gowns offer outstanding softness in lightweight and enhanced breathability. It is also available with antistatic and alcohol-repellant finish.
Breathable and Comfortable
Advanced material provides extreme comfort. Keeping the wearer cool and comfortable when they work.
Optional Raglan Sleeve Cut
Raglan sleeves for roominess and a large sweep makes comfortable and movement easier.
WEREWA Color-Key System
The WEREWA Color-Key system allows you to quickly choose the right gown for specific procedures and also helps to simplify inventory management:
• Red: Poly-reinforced, high fluid contact, and impervious, for lengthy, fluid-intensive procedures
• Green: Fabric-reinforced, for moderate to high fluid contact
• White/Yellow: Non-reinforced gowns for low to moderate fluid contact.

Material: 30-45g SMS Non-woven Fabric or other
Gown Size: S, M, L, XL, or as your request
Gown Closure Style: Adjustable Hook-and-loop Neckline Closure
Sterilization: EO, or Non-Sterile Color: Green, Blue, White

Including Non-Reinforced Surgical Gowns,

Non-Reinforced Surgical Gowns with Raglan Sleeves

Fabric-Reinforced Surgical Gowns with Set-in Sleeves

Fabric-Reinforced Surgical Gowns with Raglan Sleeves

Poly-Reinforced Surgical Gowns with Set-in Sleeves

Poly-Reinforced Surgical Gowns with Raglan Sleeves

Poly-Reinforced Prevenion Plus Sleeve Surgical Gown

Poly-Reinforced Specialty Surgical Gown

Prevention Plus Breathable Film Surgical Gown

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