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Tea Business Opportunity from Coimbatore* in Tamil Nadu:

Buy Super Strong Tea at Cheap and Best Price:

With No Adulteration Guarantee – Certificate

 New Tea Merchants

You may be a new or an established tea merchant willing to make good money in tea business. Your desire is genuine as tea is a drink liked by almost all and has good demand always. To your luck tea is available throughout the year having least supply interruption. Hence it is a good business to start and continue forever.

Where to Buy Teas?

But, you find it difficult to locate good teas with strong color, taste and flavor. All tea traders are good salesmen and they sell their stocks of tea by confusing you most convincingly! They tell every time that this tea is strong and good. But it is not so! The open-secret is that no trader really knows how to test and identify teas which are best in color taste and flavor.

Select only Good Teas

They believe certain estates make always good teas. It is not so. Tea characters change every now and then. The merchants should know how to test the available teas scientifically, select and buy only strong teas. But, established tea merchants buy teas with popular names and pass them on some how to the next seller.

Quality Guaranteed Teas Available

Now, you have an opportunity to get super strong teas! The only ‘commercial tea scientist’ available in Tamil Nadu now makes best tea blends with ‘strong color, taste and flavor’ at economic prices and wishes to distribute the super strong-super blend tea to new and established tea merchants. These teas are certified ‘free from adulteration’ and again assured to yield strong liquors.

The tea is available 3 super blends.

1. “Super Strong – Super Dust Blend” suitable for tea shops and homes

2. “Super Leaf Tea Blend” suitable for Canteens and North Indian homes.

3. “Organic Green Tea with Tulsi” Healthy tea with full of anti oxidants.

You may contact by:  pnkguru@yahoo.com/

Mobile number: 09994757365                                     

Website: http://teabizonline.blogspot.com/

*Coimbatore is the Main Tea Hub in South India with hundreds of tea estates.